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Black Forest BnB

Black Forest BnB


   We offer our services in English and German.

Tour Planning

    If you are planning a holiday in Vancouver and/or British Columbia and are staying with us for for a while, we will be happy to assist you in planning.


Reservation and Payment Terms


    We kindly ask you to make reservations ahead of your arrival. This will allow us to prepare for your visit. We do not require a booking fee and trust that you will inform us of any changes in your schedule at least a day before your arrival.


    We accept Canadian or American Dollar Traveller Cheques and Cash. We use up to date exchange rates for the American Currency. 


For Reservations or Inquiries please call, send a Fax or Barbara Hanser
Please read our Reservation and Payment Terms

Phone: (+1) (604) 552 7466

Fax: (+1) (604) 552 7465